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From the score I think you can guess my feelings on this film. When watching you'll reach a point when you'll think. Yes end the movie there (OK for some that will be very early in the film, but work with me here people), leave at that point. Please don't think, I'll just see how bad this ending is, it really is awful.

There is some brilliant acting in this film though. You will believe that some of these people really are apes. Which to be fair is a bit bad for Kris Kristoffison, as he is actually playing a human.


You've seen the first movie, you've seen the second and now you too can see the third. Forget the plot, admire the special effects. You've seen it before, but you'll still oh and ah with the rest of us. Its a good movie, if you like 1 and 2 you'll like this. What more do you want me to say?


Oh how I wanted to like this movie. But it just didn't let me. How many cliches can you squeeze into a movie? An awful lot if you do away with anything else.

Originally written as a horror movie it was changed into a comedy when Ivan Richman (Ghostbustrs) came on board as a director. And unfortunately it shows. Niether especially scary or funny it falls inbetween the cracks. A Ghostbusters for a new century it isn't.

Unfortunately the cast do not work as well together as the Ghostbusters team. One to avoid.


A challange for the guys, watch this movie without once staring at the chest. Its a shame that Angelina Jolie's fake chest is the biggest thing on the screen. I'm not really sure that they needed to do it.

Intended as the first in a series of movies to rival James Bond this movie comes very close to killing the character dead. The only thing likely to save Lara is the ready supply of nurdy teenage fanboys reaching puberty. Jolie was unfortunately a bad choice for Lady Lara Croft. She never really convinces as a Lady. Early rumours had linked Liz Hurley with the role. Any one who saw my review of Bedazzled knows my feelings on Hurleys acting ability. But Lara would not have involved too much acting for Liz.

Jolie has already announced that she would rather have children than appear in a sequel, so maybe there is hope for the franchise.

One for guys with a breast fixation only.

SHREIK (9/10)

Hey I know its a kids film, and yes the movie ending can be spotted halfway through the movie, but see this film.

Theres plenty of jokes that will fly over the kids heads and make you laugh hard. This film takes the mickey out of too many movie to mention. Yes the castle looks like the Disney castle, but I'm sure that its pure coincidence (*cough*).

You enjoyed Toy Story, you laughed hard at Bugs and scratched your head at Antz. Borrow some kids and enjoy laughing your headoff at Shreik.

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